Many websites with a single email and a single password, I do not recommend it.


Many days ago I received a  very important email about my user account. The database from one internet company had been hacked and many user registrations were in the hands another person.

Now, if I have registered on several web sites with a single e-mail address and a password, then I can assume that my life will be in danger, in this world no one guarantees my personal information.

I’m comfortable with a single password for all my websites where I’m a client and because of this attack I decided to change the policies for my password to share it with you.

For example, nowadays there are many websites such as the social network, cloud services, mail service, bank accounts and many other websites like you can imagine and you usually use a single email account for register in each and every one of them, from this moment your life is in the network of networks identified by a single email account and a single password for all websites… maybe.

Is a fact that most will have a single email account and some more organized a little more, but we have the bad practice of using only one electronic mail to register in the different services of the web, the danger is the same.

The solution that I recommend is quite functional and practical and it is about the following:

Each website has its own password policies, but they usually try the same thing: an uppercase character, more than six characters and one or more special characters, all of the above to provide greater security to your user account.

That said, the advice is to use the following structure for your password: [website] [dot] [your favorite number of four or more numbers]. For example If you sign up for facebook and your favorite number is 3535 the password would be:


So in every site you register with the same email address, the password could be like this:

Youtube: Youtube.3535
Vimeo: Vimeo.3535
Instagram: Instagram.3535
Linkedin: Linkedin.3535

Other options:

Youtube: Youtube.3535_$
Vimeo: Vimeo.3535_$
Instagram: Instagram.3535_$
Linkedin: Linkedin.3535_$

The truth is there are many options, this is just one more.

As you can see, the email can be one and your keys will be unique and different for each website where you register.

This advice will help protect your account in every site you register and your life will no longer be in danger so easily.

Why this post in English?

Because I need to correct mistakes to learn and I need a lot of practice and I should optimize my available time.


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